10 Ways that BloggerBridge makes your life better for a DMO

10 Ways that BloggerBridge makes your life better for a DMO

1) You know that you need more content for your website but content takes time to create. will help you contact local bloggers who know about your destination. Don’t go it alone, find local allies.

2) You don’t have a huge budget to be flying in writers, bloggers, photographers. Wouldn’t you want to know of people who already have plans to visit. You might be able to get some content just for comping a night in a hotel or two or maybe just tickets to that new museum will help publicize it. Be opportunistic, make your budget go further.

3) You are traveling to a different city to meet with local press. Find out which influencers will also be in the area that day, even if they are just passing through. Multiply your efforts, get more for your travel dollars.

4) There are thousands of different bloggers you know you could work with but how are you supposed to know who has the most influence. will help you compare bloggers side by side. Make better decisions, optimize.

5) You know that you could be doing better with your social media, but who has the time to learn. Find content creators for your next press trip who also do consulting and have them teach a half day class for you and your steak holders. Get Smarter, find help.

6) You know you could get more traffic if you had more content or better content on your website. Find content creators who you can pay to create additional content, because you have enough to do. Prioritize your time, outsource.

7) Yes, you usually tell people that your destination has something for everyone, but you know that isn’t true. Whether your target audience is families, business travelers or adventurers, you can use to find niche bloggers to focus on the people you are looking for. Find your niche, specialize.

8) You have some great content, great! But how do you get the word out about your message. Use to find content creators who have loads of followers. Amplify your message, socialize.

9) Those content creators you contracted to, connected with, reached out to, or hosted will probably want to work with you again. Use to organize content creators into different lists to make your work easier next time you want to reach out. Don’t just contact content creators, collect them.

10) You are doing well, you now have a number of projects outsourced and new content coming in daily. Don’t drop the ball on what you need to do with all these moving pieces. Use’s workflow feature to keep track of who is late or who you own a review or a check. Keep your sanity, organize.

10 Ways that BloggerBridge makes your life better for a DMO

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