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Have you ever gotten an email from a PR company that wants your help in finding bloggers? Have you ever gotten a pitch from a company that doesn’t match what you do?

We are announcing a way to turn those into cash through a new affiliate program with If you send us a company that signs up for a paid account we will give you 25% of their first payment. If a company signs up for an annual Premium account that will be $250, if they sign up for a Lite account or a monthly Premium account that is still $50. Not only that but the more companies we sign up the more the system will grow and the more pitches that are appropriate for you we will be able to offer. 


Currently all you need is a user account. When you click on your profile page you will get a URL like: or

The last part of that URl is your user id (2201 or chris2x in this example). Any link to (except to the blog which is run on a different site) that includes  the parameter affiilate=userid will set an affiliate cookie on a user so we can keep track of who brings us customers.

So for example:

or even a link to your profile:

To get started you can (but don’t have to) use the following widget. Cut and paste the following widget and change 2201 to your userid. See an example of this at

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Glad to see an affiliate program launched to help build up the list of destinations, tour operators, and hotels that rely on travel bloggers as part of their advertising, content development, and promotion strategy. I will definitely promote it.

If possible I recommend that you create a dedicated landing page on the BloggerBridge website for affiliate to link to? The home page may be a bit overwhelming for travel marketers that are new to working with bloggers. A landing page can explain the reasons why a travel company should join, what they will get out of membership, and a clear next action to join (maybe a trial period?). Consider stating how many travel bloggers are in the network and perhaps include a testimonial or case study about the benefits.

-Scott, BookingCounts – “Book Now” Optimization blog

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