FIR #31: Bring Back The Tourists!

Chris Christensen, our CEo, was a guest on this week’s episode of the For Immediate Release podcast – FIR #31: Bring Back The Tourists! Topics included crisis management communications for destination. We look at some good and bad examples.

  • The panel included:
    BloggerBridge CEO Chris Christensen (who also hosts the Amateur Traveler podcast),
  • Voce Communications Senior VP Christopher Barger (who is about to open Christopher Barger Communications)
  • CustomScoop founder Chip Griffin
  • Shel Holtz – host of For Immediate Release

Topics included…

  • The implications for communicators of the growing trend of corporations embracing gay rights and issuing public statements opposing statewide legislation that restricts those rights
  • Egypt’s plan to win back tourists despite no recognition in the plan of terror risks, while Mexico has found a way to address the Zika virus
  • The widely reported story of an executive who deleted his entire startup with a single line of code, which turned out to be a publicity stunt
  • The decline in personal posts on Facebook and how it affects communicators who have invested heavily in Facebook as a channel
  • Dan York’s report on Facebook’s F8 developer conference
    The pivot to video by many news organizations and whether company communicators need to follow suit
  • Communication jobs opening up focused on writing the scripts chatbots use

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