Message Templates – Save Time When Contacting Bloggers

One of the companies using had a number of people interested in a new opportunity which they posted last week. They found themselves sending some of the same information over and over again to different bloggers. Messages like:

“Hey, looks great we would love to have you join us and here are the details…”


“It appears that you didn’t see in the opportunity where I said that the requirements for this opportunity were…”

To save them some time and to save you in some time in the future we have added message templates to the system so that you can at least start that email with the part you keep adding over and over. You can define a message and a button name and we will add that button to:

  • Search results
  • User profiles
  • Message Viewing
  • User List management

So you can quickly send a message and move on. You can find a new tab under the Messages tab called “Templates” where you can create, delete or edit new templates. All enabled templates will show up as buttons in the places above.

This feature is only available to companies.

Here is a demo of the feature.

What do you think?

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