What do Travel Bloggers Charge for Posts – survey results

At a recent TBEX travel blogger conference I attended a session called “Can We Talk About Rates” where there was some frustration because people expected to learn what bloggers were charing for sponsored posts… but they didn’t have that data. So… I volunteered that I would run some survey to collect and share that data with the community.

Thanks to all who completed the latest survey. We had 60 responses.

Page Views for those who responded:

A DMO for a destination you’ve already visited contacts you and asks you to create another post about that destination, no travel required. How much do you charge for JUST the blog post?

Here is a scatter plot of the answers where the x column is the bottom of the page view range.

A DMO contacts you and invites you on a 3-day FAM trip, all expenses covered. How much do you charge for the blog post you create afterwards?

Bloggers with < 10,000 page views

Bloggers with 10,000-99,000 page views per month

Bloggers with > 100,000 page views per month

There is a lot of “it depends” in the comments in the results which is of course the reality of the situation.

I was just invited on a Botswana safari which would have cost me about $6000 if it had not been sponsored. So that’s the kind of thing bloggers may be comparing your opportunity to.

If you have over 100,000 page views a month (or in my case podcast downloads) then you aren’t saying yes to every opportunity. Some as you can see in the comments won’t do a FAM trip even if you do pay them.

Here is the whole data set including comments:

What do you want to know?