Social Media 101 – Video Recording

[vimeo 12747811 640 475]

Last Wednesday we kicked off a series of webinars with one called “Social Media 101 – What is Social Media and Why Should I Care?”. This is the video from that webinar.


Social Media 101 Webinar – June 16th

We are planning a FREE webinar for June 16th 11am PT / 2pm ET to start looking at Social Media and how to use it to promote your destination or your business. This first webinar would be a great starting point for those not familiar with social media and will cover:

  • What is Social Media?
  • What is a Social Network?
  • What is a Blog?
  • What is RSS?
  • What is a Podcast?
  • Why should I care about Social Media?
  • How can I use my business strategy to drive my social media strategy?
  • What should I do first?

…and of course everything will be discussed as it relates to the travel and tourism industry.

Register Here for the webinar.

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