Problem: You Have Limited Travel Budget but You Don’t Know Who is Nearby

When we created BloggerBridge, we created it to make our lives easier and yours. We kept running into a series of problems and thought, there must be a better way.

Problem: You Have Limited Travel Budget but You Don’t Know Who is Nearby

The email invited me to visit their resort this weekend. That all sounds well and good but the resort was on the end of Long Island and I was in California. No, they weren’t offering to fly me to their destination. They didn’t have a budget for that. What they had were empty rooms.


You do what this hotel did. You email everyone you can and hope some of them will be in the area. This is not a great solution but I see companies doing it everyday. Hotels, restaurants, day tours and local tourism boards contacting people all over the country and hoping to reach the right people. It is a great way to get your email on a spam list.

You search the web or the internet for people blogging about your city. The problem is that if you do find people you are likely to send this email:

“I see you just went to ______, I wish I had known you were going to be in town because I would love to have you ______. Let me know the next time you are in town”. schedules

BloggerBridge Solutions

BloggerBridge Location Search

With BloggerBridge Lite or Premium you can create a location search and we will let you know when bloggers and other content creators are planning a trip to your city… or to the nearby city.

So instead of the “next time you are in town letter” you can have this:

  1. My wife and I decided to travel to Washington D.C., we booked a flight
  2. I emailed my flight confirmation to which created an itinerary in TripIt.
  3. Every night BloggerBridge contacts TripIt and updates the schedule for bloggers who have associated their TripIt profile with their BloggerBridge profile.
  4. When a blogger schedules a new trip (either manually or through TripIt as I had) BloggerBridge looks through the location searches. In my case it found City Wonders who had a location search for Washington D.C.
  5. City Wonders received an email with a link to my profile and a brief description of me.
  6. City Wonders contacted me and offered me a free tour of the Air and Space Museum in exchange for a blog post. I got a great tour. They got the word out about their product without having to pay my airfare from California to Washington D.C.

If you get too many emails from BloggerBridge you can add a user filter to only be notified for certain types of bloggers, bloggers with x many followers, bloggers who have at least y page views, etc.

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