Problem – You Need Good Content – How Bloggers / Can Help

When we created BloggerBridge, we created it to make our lives easier and yours. We kept running into a series of problems and thought, there must be a better way.

Problem: You Need Good Content

He worked for a well-known travel company, he worked with their partners and he had a problem. Google had changed their algorithm to punish people who published bad content. Some of his partners had literally lost half of their traffic over night. Millions of dollars of revenue had gone away because someone had saved money by buying content on the cheap from overseas writers with bad english skills writing about destinations they had never seen. He wanted to find good content creators.

Content is increasingly important. People are skipping the ads on their TVs… if they watch TV at all. Newspapers and magazines are losing subscribers. People are spending more and more time on the internet from their desktops and their phones. And your content is competing with everyone’s content. It had better be good. You might want to get help.


If you want to connect with bloggers, it’s not that hard, you just need some time. Start by searching in google for particular keywords. Look for phrases like “top travel bloggers” or “top food bloggers”. Collect a set of blogs and task an intern with tracking down the contact info for all these bloggers, track down how many followers they have on particular social networks and contact them to find out their traffic and would they like to work with you. Of course if you need someone who is located in a specific city or will be in a particular place, that’s not as straight forward. screenshot

BloggerBridge – Search

BloggerBridge Premium offers search of our database of content creators. That search is more effective as you will only be searching blogs and specifically a database of bloggers who are looking to work with companies. Not all bloggers are. Bloggers can specify what type of work they do, which can save you a step. Also your search results will provide you with all the blog’s stats. Many of the bloggers have also made things simpler for you by adding samples of their work.

You can do searches like:

  • food bloggers who accept guest posts
  • adventure travel bloggers located in New York
  • business bloggers who will be in Chicago on May 3rd
  • parenting bloggers who have a lot of Pinterest followers (or twitter, Google+, Facebook, instagram, youtube, or a certain Klout score)
  • blogs with the word ‘ski’ in the description
  • food blogs in Spanish
  • bloggers with good SEO value (Moz Domain Authority), or who started blogging more than 5 years ago, or who have at least 10,000 page views a month

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