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Twitter Chats – Passport Travel Marketing & PR Podcast Episode 11

Twitter Chats with Andrew Hickey – Passport Travel Marketing & PR Podcast Episode 11

Interview of Andrew Hickey about  Twitter Chats. Twitter Chats are popular with travel companies and we look at detail what they are, and when and how to use them effectively.

We debate, or at least discuss, what a twitter chat is worth and what a tweet is worth. We discuss why companies work with influencers when they set up twitter chats and how to find the right people to work with.

With more than eight years experience working in social media marketing for global travel brands, Andrew Hickey has worn many hats including running large digital marketing campaigns, increasing brand awareness, driving web traffic, supporting marketing initiatives, and increasing sales.

Andrew has worked for a number of travel companies including Fathom Travel,, Intrepid Travel and G Adventures.


Hosts: Leif Pettersen of Leif Pettersen PR and Chris Christensen of BloggerBridge.comand

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Twitter Chats with Andrew Hickey – Passport Travel Marketing & PR Podcast Episode 11

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