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Social Media Marketing – Passport Travel Marketing & PR Podcast Episode 1

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This first episode of the Passport Travel Marketing & PR podcast features an interview with Tim Anderson of Marginal Boundaries about social media marketing and creating a social media strategy in the travel space.

Tim works as a brand consultant, advertiser, publicist, photographer, videographer, freelance writer, social media manager, strategist, and marketer, in both English and Spanish through his brand Marginal Boundaries.

Tim has been traveling since 1999 and traveling full-time as a location independent digital nomad since 2008. He has lived in Bulgaria, Colombia, Mexico and the United States.

We talk about the difference between just getting an intern to handle your social media and actually creating an intentional and appropriate social media strategy. In the travel space, selling something like a 2 week long cycling tour is very different from selling a t-shirt. Travel does not tend to be an impulse buy and this has to inform your social media strategy.

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